Kay Dupree is an American clothing designer.

A New York City native, Kay attended the Art Institute of New York City graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. While pursuing her degree, she realized that plus size women were not getting the love they deserved in the fashion industry and decided to make it her goal to change the views of plus size industry.

In 2007, she began styling and writing for online publications lending her voice to empower and educate plus size consumers.

In 2011, Kay created Pockets Are Everything which quickly became a leading fashion website pairi

Kay Dupree is an American clothing designer.

Acknowledging that dressing women in beautiful clothes is only half her mission, Kay took on a new challenge, in 2012 she published “10 Simple Rules to Being Stylish,” a personal pocket guide on the road to turning consumers into educated shoppers all while curating their personal style.

Kay’s philosophy is simple, “In the fashion world we are normally rejected, pushed to the back and last to be noticed. We are beautiful and deserve to be dressed as such.”

Engang her audience with her brand’s view – to dress women in pieces that add chicness, sexiness and fun to their wardrobe.